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Tarradiddles of the King
, an adventure series for readers 7 to 12, is inspired by the real-life accounts and creative fabrications of John David Reichard, aka “the King” who delighted in entertaining his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren with these ingenious, albeit embellished tales.

     These stories star a very precocious Johnny, who together with his siblings and neighborhood pals, embark on one exciting adventure after another. These tales are filled with humor, small town charm, down home values, and just a touch of fantasy.

Tarradiddles-an exaggerated story; a fib; twaddle.

BOOK ONE in the Tarradiddles of the King SERIES

Between Shadow’s Ears   

Is Willie right? Are the woods really haunted? Or is this just another one of Willie’s “whoppers”? And what is the secret of the strange man living beyond the briar patch? Join Johnny and Willie on their mysterious and toe-curling adventure . . . climb aboard with them on their horse Shadow . . . find out the truth. Now, tell me . . . do YOU see any ghosts? . . . Well, do you?

BOOK TWO in the Tarradiddles of the King SERIES

The Beast of Madison Hill   

A monster has invaded the little town of Madison Hill. A huge beast--a noisy beast, and it is up to Johnny and the other members of The Barn Stormers' League to TROUNCE it. 

Coming soon . . .

The Beast
of Madison Hill

Meet the Author

CAROLINE M. REICHARD was born and raised in rural central Virginia, and is a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College (Lynchburg, Virginia). This award-winning author shares an ancestral relationship with authors Charles Perrault and Samuel Clemens. In keeping with her family’s writing tradition, she has authored several books of poetry, including “Cobblestones” and “Chimera,” a novel, La Guerra Grande, and a personal memoir, I Once was Mute, but Now I Sing. Caroline lives with her children and her assortment of cats and dogs in Madison Heights, Virginia.


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